Playing Bard as support is easy -
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    Playing Bard as support is easy

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    I recently started playing Bard as support and all I can say is that he is a badass. This is a champion that has the capability of carrying games, be an amazing support, and just have a lot of fun with teleporting.

    Here’s the build I follow: Bard Support MobaFire.

    The pros

    Here are the reasons why he’s a total badass through out the full game:

    • Great mobility
    • Strong damage for a support
    • Great crowd control

    Great mobility

    His running speed is by far one of the fastest, especially if you equip with the Boots of Mobility. It’s extremely easy to do a hit and run, and it’s really easy to get away from enemies. With that said, Bard also has Magical Journey ability that allows him to create travel tunnels through walls. This makes much easier to catch up for a gank or use it to run away.

    Strong damage for a support

    Bards abilities don’t do damage but his Meeps do a lot. Meeps are small little spirits that roam around by Bards side. Every time Bard auto attacks a Meep is launched to the enemy champion to do an extra bit of burst. The more Meeps you gather on your side the more damage they do. In very early game, it’s easy to take your ADC’s champion kills, so be careful; unless he/she can’t get the final blow.

    Great crowd control

    This is the cherry on top. With Bard having great mobility and awesome damage, he also has great crowd control abilities.

    The first crowd control ability is his [Q]Cosmic Binding. Cosmic Binding allows Bard to slow down an enemy by 60% for x amount seconds. The ability will also stun the enemy champion if the ability hits a secondary target such as a wall or a second enemy champion. The stun lasts for about a second. This ability is a great combo with Magic Journey. The enemy champion will typically follow you through the portal (because who can resist to go through walls) and if timed perfectly; as the enemy champions comes out of the tunnel you can hit him with a Q and stun him on the wall.

    Another helpful CC ability are Bard’s Meeps. Besides the Meeps packing a whoppin punch to the face, they can also slow down enemy champions. It’s also helpful that the Meep impact is AOE.

    The final ability that is super dope is his ultimate, Tempered Fate. Tempered Fate is an ability that lets you choose a targeted area that practically freezes everything for 2.5 seconds. Now this can be hard to master because anything inside will freeze such as all champions, minions, and turrets.

    If you’re good enough you’ll be able to get creative such as target areas where the tanks or supports are while whaling on the enemies ADC or mid player. You can also freeze turrets, in-case the enemy champion try to chicken out and hug turret.

    The cons

    The champion does have a couple cons that I would like to point out.

    Skill shots

    The champion does require a bit of practice as his entire abilities are skill shots. Down from his passive all the way to his ultimate. Once you’ve nailed those skill shots, you should okay.

    Farming Meeps

    Farming his Meeps is a must to stay strong all game. But it may be difficult when your ADC or any other teammate needs you in team fights. One way I overcome this is that I get the Boots of Mobility first.


    Bard is currently my top pick as a support character. Once you get a bit of practice, you’ll see right away that you can probably out damage all your teammates and still keep up support with some clutch plays.

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