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    Top 3 benefits why businesses should be blogging

    I recently had a business lunch meeting about how blogging may help a client reduce their ad spending. In today’s article I’ll be covering what I told them and why starting a blog site is a critical component to a business in 2018.

    I also wrote 2 articles about how to increase your chances to rank higher in Google search.

    Let’s just say that it caught my clients attention and they wanted to see how they can implement content marketing onto their business.

    The visitor acquisition breakdown

    For the sake of this article, this client will remain anonymous so no one gets in trouble. After getting some hard numbers from the client, their user acquisition was heavily driven by paid advertising or influence promotion.

    Visitor acquisition pie chart

    Monthly user acquisition pie chart

    More than 70% of visitors came from paid advertising, and less than 2% was organic search.

    Blogging client user acquisition

    Client site user acquisition

    And from looking at the user acquisition graph above.

    Social media

    • Bounce rate: 90.33%
    • Average session duration: 37 seconds


    • Bounce rate: 81.75%
    • Average session duration: 1 minute and 40 seconds

    Organic search

    • Bounce rate: 70.73%
    • Average session duration: 1 minute and 47 seconds

    From that breakdown we can immediately tell that organic searchers are a much higher quality visitor. They’re less likely to leave the site after the first visit and they will stay longer to read the actual content of the site. Visitors coming from a social media advertisement was the worst kind of visitor. They’re typically visitors who will leave the site a lot faster and not stay as long.

    The Benefits of blogging for a business

    Content marketing or blogging is a time consuming marketing strategy. It requires people to research keyword market and also to create valuable content. Even though it is very time consuming and you probably don’t to spend time on that, the benefits are very rewarding in the long run.

    • Drive free traffic to your site
    • Convert more quality leads
    • Drives long term results

    Content has a snowball effect. If the article good and the company creates content at a healthy pace, you should be able to drive hundred’s of thousands of visitors for free.

    Drive traffic to your site

    Let’s say you opened up an online cat store and you’re trying to sell Exotic Shorthair cats. The first thing that comes to mind is to put an ad on Google search to sell to users looking for the Garfield cat.

    According to WordStream, an online advertising company, they have stated that the average CPC (cost per click) is around $2. Bids may go up to $50 cost per click, but that’s typically for legal keywords or key-phrases. But for the sake of the article will pretend the CPC is $2.

    Let’s say that your want to drive 1,000 visitors to your site to sell the funny looking cat. Let’s do a bit of math to calculate how much you’ll need to pay and how much money it takes to acquire a new customer.

    $2 CPC x 1,000 visitors = $2,000

    According to this simple multiplication formula, it takes $2,000 to get 1,000 visitors to your cat eCommerce site. says that the average price for the Exotic Shorthair cat is between $1,500 to $2,000. That’s a pretty pricey cat and since not everyone can spend $2,000 on cat, let’s pretend that your conversion rate is 1% out of 1,000 visitors. That means you have about 10 buyers. Now let’s calculate how much it takes to acquire a new customer with the given data.

    $2,000 / 10 buyers = $200 CAC

    CAC = customer acquisition cost

    It takes $200 to acquire a new customer to buy a $2, 000 cat. Honestly that’s not a bad profit margin but that’s not given how much it cost to breed the cat or get inventory of the cat type.

    But what if blogging could reduce the customer acquisition cost and bring 1,000 visitors much more frequently and for free? Well guess what, it can.

    According to Moz, the the keyword Exotic Shorthair is a very popular search term. The search term has a search volume of 6.5k to 9.3k searches with a very low difficulty level.  That’s enough search volume on Google that you can organically bring in free traffic to your online cat store.

    Moz keyword exploring for exotic shorthair

    Moz keyword exploring for exotic shorthair

    If you can create valuable content on topics around exotic shorthair than you can easily bring 1,000 visitors on a monthly basis for free, and you wouldn’t have to pay $200 dollars to acquire a customer or $2,000 in ads.

    Convert more

    Part of blogging as a business is that you can establish authority. As you’re site gains more traffic and folks are digging your content, they will more likely trust to buy from you.

    For example when you post an ad or even see one, your human reaction is to avoid that brand or company. And to be honest, how would you feel if salesperson (the ad) comes up to you and tries to force a cat down your throat (to buy). It wouldn’t feel so good, right?

    1. You don’t know the salesperson which just makes him/her a stranger
    2. There are hundreds of cat stores, so no one really knows you and you’re not really trusted

    As you write relevant and useful content about your cats or the exotic shorthair cat, you will gain user trust and their loyalty. Which they will more than likely share your company with their other friends with cats. And at some point when that user is ready to buy a cat, they’ll be buying from you rather than your competitors.

    Examples of content topics:

    • How to articles
    • Top 10 articles
    • Why articles

    The list goes on.

    Drives long term results

    For small or big companies, blogging will gain you authority in your industry. It will also gain you online visibility, growth, reduction of advertisement spending, and ultimately revenue.


    Blogging or creating content has a tremendous long term value to it’s audience, can drive businesses results. Most companies, small or big, are focus on video and imagery type of content for YouTube and Instagram. Even though those are very valuable types content and platforms, Google is still the #1 search tool in the world and creating rich blogging content is still in my opinion more valuable.

    The other pro to blogs is that you can create rich content that is not just word creative but also show images and videos as this article has done so.

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